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Our knowledgeable bookkeeping specialists have over twenty years of collective experience and are an organizational force to be reckoned with. As a fully remote team,  providing accounting services and balanced books for a range of hospitality and service-based businesses nationwide, it’s safe to say there isn’t much our team of hospitality accountants hasn’t seen or dealt with, and we share that expertise with our clients. 

At our core, we believe building good relationships is the key to success so here’s a little bit about us…

Specialty Bookkeepers and Tax Salt Lake City Utah

Tyler Otto, MBA, President | Owner

Tyler loves helping clients make more money with his extensive experience in corporate finance. Throughout his career, he's served in roles such as Senior Financial Analyst to Corporate Director of Finance, particularly in the hotel & hospitality industry. Now as the owner and president of Specialty Bookkeepers, he is passionate about sharing his expertise with business owners to help them make strategic decisions that will grow their businesses for years to come. When he’s not geeking out in Visual Basic, he’s found in the woodshop doing any number of woodworking projects.

Specialty Bookkeepers and Tax Salt Lake City Utah

Karen Otto, Accounting Manager | Founder

Karen loves helping with behind-the-scenes work that helps people succeed. Karen started her career as a biomedical engineer, working in design and clinical support roles for medical device companies for over 12 years. She transitioned to bookkeeping as a way to spend more time with her family while still using her professional skills to help people. She brings her careful attention to detail and professional communication skills to her work with Specialty Bookkeepers.

Specialty Bookkeepers and Tax Salt Lake City Utah

Trisha Byrnes
Account Manager


Zack McAdams, CPA
Internal Auditor

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Brady Auch
Marketing Coordinator

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Kate Tsoukalas
Executive Assistant

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Marissa Trailor
Account Manager

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Angela Kirkland
Account Manager

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Grace Daniele
Bookkeeping Specialist

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Sierra Kersten

Bookkeeping Specialist

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Brooklyn Calvert
Bookkeeping Specialist

Specialty Bookkeepers and Tax Salt Lake City Utah

Melanie Neilitz
Bookkeeping Specialist

Specialty Bookkeepers and Tax Salt Lake City Utah

Robyn Murphy
Bookkeeping Specialist

Specialty Bookkeepers and Tax Salt Lake City Utah

Hospitality Accountants & More

While our bookkeeping specialists have extensive experience providing accounting services for hotels and hospitality businesses, our accounting expertise doesn’t stop there. Regardless of the type and size of your venture, if you are providing a service or managing a business, our experienced bookkeepers can help!

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