Why Bookkeeping and Tax Services?

Having a dedicated bookkeeper handle your taxes can streamline the process and ensure accuracy in your filings. Their familiarity with your financial records can help maximize deductions and minimize errors, potentially saving you time, money, and stress during tax season.

Engaging a tax planning expert is crucial for any business wanting to maximize efficiency, ensure legal compliance, and integrate tax considerations into your business strategy. Their proactive approach optimizes your financial position, minimizes tax liabilities, uncovers potential savings, and sets a foundation for long-term success.

Why Strategic Tax Planning?

Tax Tribulations?

We get it! Navigating tax filings, regulations, and documents is a shared headache for both individuals and businesses. It’s typical to experience uncertainty regarding accurate filing and concern about potential repercussions, penalties, or audits. Not to mention, many businesses lack a well-defined tax strategy resulting in missed opportunities for substantial savings.  

  • Tax Document Management & Organization
  • Valuable Tax Insights on Your Return
  • Customized Tax Strategy for Your Business
  • Compliance Review for Stress-Free Filing
Bookkeeping & Tax Services

Effortless Tax Fillings & Strategy

Tax & Compliance Expertise

We love helping our clients save money as much as we can. That's why, in addition to our monthly bookkeeping services, we provide comprehensive tax services and expertise. Our team ensures your business stays fully compliant with tax laws while managing the necessary paperwork for effortless filing.

Flexible Commitments

Hate being locked into long-term contracts? Us too! We‘re so confident in our services we offer them on a month-by-month basis, cancel anytime with 30 days notice. Tax services and tax planning are offered as an add-on to our monthly bookkeeping services and not as a stand alone service.

Dedicated Team of Bookkeeping Specialists

Our team approach is deigned with you in mind. Every account is assigned a team of bookkeeping specialists including an account manager/team lead, ensuring there's always a knowledgeable individual available to assist with questions or provide support, regardless of time off or unexpected events.

What's Included in Our Bookkeeping & Tax Services?

✓ Individual Tax Return, Preparation, and e-File

✓ Automated Tax Due Date Reminders

✓ Secure / Private Document Management

✓ Tax Document Questionnaire and Organization

✓ Recorded Video Walkthrough of Tax Returns

What's Included in Our Strategic Tax Planning?

Review of Business and Personal Accounting

Tailored Strategy to Implement Over the Course of 6-12 Months

✓ Fixed Asset Policy 

✓ Advanced Depreciation

Home Office Plan (if applicable)

S-Corp Election 

Because we prioritize efficiency and accuracy in managing finances, we have integrated our tax services and strategic planning as add-ons to our comprehensive monthly bookkeeping services. By bundling these together, we can ensure seamless coordination and optimization of our client's tax filings and savings. At this time, we do not offer tax services and strategic planning as a stand alone service.