Virtual Executive Assistant

Our Goal at Specialty Bookkeepers is to partner with passionate business owners by specializing in the books, so that they can focus on what they do best, growing their business.  We are looking to add a Virtual Executive Assistant for a long-term remote position, working 25-35 hours per week.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Manage the email inboxes of the Owner and Shared Inboxes
  • Manage (and protect) the calendar of the owner
  • Manage sending out proposals to prospective clients
  • Setting up accounts and access for new clients and employees
  • Coordinating Annual Employee Review Process
  • Track and adjust annual price increases for clients
  • Coordinate Travel and Team Meet Ups
  • Documenting systems and processes (SOPs, Walkthrough Videos, and Flow Charts)
  • Facilitate the Semi Automatic Client Onboarding process
  • Make updates to Website and compile/proofread/post Blog Posts and Newsletters
  • Shipping Client “Thank Yous”, Gifts, and birthday cards
  • Personal Errands for Owner (Making Appointments, Shipping gifts, redeeming warranties, etc)
  • Compile Performance Metrics for the Owner’s Dashboard
  • Answer and Respond to inquiries on the main Telephone Line
  • Coordinating the Hiring/Interview process of all future hires
  • Spending a lot of time on the phone, video calls, and watching pre-recorded videos from the Owner (Like This One! – Please Watch)
  • Other Duties as assigned

Preferences given to:

  • Has 2+ Years of Accounting/Bookkeeping Experience
  • Has Executive Admin Experience
  • Residents of Salt Lake, Denver, or Eastern Time Zone (A Bonus, but not required)
  • Experience with: Quickbooks Online  –  Dext  –   Zapier  –   Microsoft Excel –  Keeper  –  Clickup  –  Gusto


  • Must be able to problem solve. Learning new programs & problem solving issues is imperative.
  • Must have (or be willing to obtain) a dedicated secure internet connection
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment with minimal supervision
  • Must be Located in the United States or Canada
  • Travel to Quarterly Team In Person work days.  These typically occur in Salt Lake City, but location is subject to change.  (Due to the pandemic, these team meet ups are currently cancelled)

Who this person is:

  • EXTREMELY ORGANIZED – Helping manage all the balls in the air for an owner that is pulled in 20 directions
  • LOVES CHECKLISTS – Applicant needs to enjoy making, managing, and crossing off items on checklists
  • CONTINUOUS LEARNER – We are always adding and modifying our Technology Stack, and this position will play a key role in rolling out new softwares
  • TECH SAVVY – There will be many one-off tasks in random sofwares that need someone who is not afraid to teach themselves a new system
  • GREAT TEACHER – We are always documenting our processes and this person will need to understand how to record and demonstrate their tasks so it is easily repeated 
  • NINJA CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILLS – Will be responding to many clients on behalf of the owner. Needs to be able to be polite, professional, yet firm while also being a Gatekeeper.
  • PROFESSIONAL GATEKEEPER (OR KeyMaster if you watch GBII) – Help protect the owner’s time by addressing requests and inquiries that are easily resolved with standard template replies.
  • VALUES CONFIDENTIALITY – This position will be privy to a large amount of customer and employee information. Discretion and understanding of what can and can’t be shared to which people is crucial
  • You need to be HUMBLE, HUNGRY, AND SMART!

What we value:

  • Accuracy and Speed – We strive to give our clients timely responses to their questions, and accurate information to allow them to grow their business.
  • Continuous Improvement – Processes, Productivity, and Personal Development. We encourage and expect a never-ending quest to continually make ourselves and our operations better.  Applicant must be able to accept constructive criticism as processes are always evolving and can be improved.
  • Fun – If we aren’t enjoying what we are doing, then why do it?
  • Attention To Detail – We want someone who prides themselves on making sure our services remain top notch. We value Attention to Detail so much, we have a secret for you. We will only be giving interviews to applicants who answer this question in the “Additional Comments” section: “What Superpower do you bring to teams that you are on?”. Be sure to use the word “Superpower” so we know you read the full job description and that you value detail.  That’s our way of weeding out all the people that blanket send their resume to hundreds of jobs from the people who really want THIS job (That’s you!).
  • Honesty & Integrity – Our clients give us visibility into their financial situation, which feels very private to them. Trust between our team and our clients is paramount.
  • Flexibility and a willingness to learn new things – We are a fast-growing company with a variety of ever-evolving needs.

Who we are:

  • A small but growing team who truly wants to help good folks grow and operate their own successful businesses.
  • We work hard but we like to laugh.
  • Knowledge of cheesy 80’s music along with the ability to recite quotes from The Princess Bride and “Scrubs” is a definite plus!
  • Not boring! If you’re stodgy and humorless, in the words of Pearl Jam… We’re “Not For You.”

The Perks, Performance, and the Pay:

  • $20/hr Starting Wage. Wage increases after successful completion of 3 month probationary review.
  • Average 25/Hrs week, but looking to go to 35 hrs in the next 6 months
  • Log nearly all hours between 7:30AM-4PM MT
  • Holiday Pay
  • Attractive Bonus Program
  • Computer IT Services Provided and manager by SpecialtyBK