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Introducing our SBK Preferred Partners Page

We’ve shared info and links to the resources and apps we use and recommend.

Payroll Platform
For businesses who are concerned about making sure Uncle Sam is satisfied and has no reason to come breathing down your neck, Gusto is the payroll platform for you! With amazing self-service options for employees, templates for onboarding, payroll tax management built in, and a whole host of other features, you will not be disappointed with Gusto. Get started with Gusto and receive a $100 Visa gift card.

Corporate Credit Card
Are you looking for a way to empower your employees to do their jobs but not leave yourself exposed to theft or overspend? Divvy’s revolutionary credit card management program allows you to set budgets, create spend controls, generate ghost cards, and manage employee spending in real time, giving business owners greater control and flexibility over their company spending. Even better, this entire service is free to you (they make their money on the credit card fees). Book a demo with Divvy or get started with Divvy now.

Enterprise/Task Management
For the tech-savvy startup that’s looking for an all-in-one place to manage tasks along with intake forms, automations, communication, and collaboration, this software does it all! Be sure to have a plan for how you’re going to build this system; it’s easy to accidentally make your workspace too complicated. However, if used correctly, ClickUp is one of the most powerful tools on the market. Learn more about ClickUp.

Business Phone
OpenPhone has changed the way that businesses can communicate with their clients. If you are seeking a collaborative approach for your team to serve a wide host of clients, look no further than OpenPhone. Get started with OpenPhone and receive a $20 credit.

Bookkeeping Firm Management
Hands down our favorite business to recommend, Keeper is the definition of innovation, constantly improving and looking for new ways to allow bookkeeping firms to better serve their clients through processes, automation, and systemization. Get started with Keeper and receive 20% off.

Outsourced IT Services
IT-Tech offers full-service managed IT solutions designed to boost productivity and efficiency while making your business more resilient against cyber threats.

And while we would love to provide services to every client, there are some industries where our colleagues really knock it out of the park! Take a look at our new page of recommendations and learn more about our colleagues and their specialty industries.

Preferred Partners

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