Sales Specialist

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Our goal at Specialty Bookkeepers is to partner with passionate business owners by specializing in the books so that they can focus on what they do best: growing their businesses. We are looking to hire a Sales Specialist team member for a long-term remote position, working 20-25 hours per week to start.
This position is remote and part-time, and the majority of your work will be performed between 9:00 am -5:00 pm CT and must be your first priority in terms of work/employment. You will be unable to work full-time elsewhere and satisfactorily complete the duties required of this position (i.e., it’s not a side hustle).
This role demands availability that aligns with our team’s operational needs, including essential meetings, collaborative projects, and client interactions during business hours. Our work environment values flexibility but also requires a degree of adaptability due to the need for real-time response and active engagement, and fixed availability periods cannot be accommodated in this position.

About the Role:

You’ll be the driving force behind our sales operations, adeptly handling lead generation, direct sales calls, and building rapport with vendors. You’ll be responsible for nurturing leads from the first cold call to the final handshake of a deal. With your finger on the pulse of the market, you’ll identify key contacts and forge relationships that lead to successful upselling and enduring partnerships.

Your Day-to-Day:

  • Masterfully manage lead generation, sales calls, and prepare sales proposals, driving our mission to partner with clients for mutual growth.
  • Strengthen vendor relationships and manage collaborations with platforms like innRoad.
  • Conduct market research to uncover new opportunities and key contacts.
  • Carry out cold calls with confidence and follow up diligently to nurture potential leads.
  • Engage current clients with a view to building relationships and identifying upselling opportunities.
  • Progress into roles handling client onboarding, conducting surveys, and managing scope increases.

What You Bring to the Table:

  • Experience in sales, ideally with a background in finance/accounting or hospitality.
  • Strong script-building skills and the ability to generate compelling sales pitches.
  • Familiarity with CRM systems and a track record of enhancing sales processes.
  • A proactive approach to learning and adapting to new strategies in sales and marketing.
  • Ability to leverage marketing and branding while collaborating with our sales & marketing team to ensure the integrity of the company.


  • High degree of customer service, attention to detail, and ability to manage multiple tasks. Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Must be able to problem-solve. Learning new programs & problem-solving issues is imperative.
  • Proficient with technology; solid knowledge of computer operations and software.
  • Must have (or be willing to obtain) a dedicated secure internet connection.
  • Strong customer service skills – ability to interact with customers through video and audio tools in a way that is professional, friendly, and reassuring.
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment with minimal supervision.
  • Must be located in the United States or Canada.
  • Travel to semi-annual in-person Team Retreats. Locations for in-person team meetings will vary.

Experience with the following is preferred (but not required):

  • GoHighLevel/LeadConnector/Keepful
  • ClickUp
  • Gusto
  • Canva
  • Google Ads
  • QuickBooks Online
  • Zapier
  • Microsoft Excel

We are seeking a candidate who:

  • Possesses ninja customer service skills
  • Is empathetic and loves to help others
  • Has a quiet workspace for meetings and conversations
  • Knows how to prioritize, stay organized, and can problem-solve
  • Is Humble, Hungry, and Smart
  • Preference to applicants with experience in finance/accounting or hospitality and remote work experience

What we value:

  • Accuracy and Speed – We strive to give our clients timely responses to their questions and accurate information to allow them to grow their businesses.
  • Continuous Improvement – Processes, Productivity, and Personal Development. We encourage and expect a never-ending quest to continually make ourselves and our operations better.  Applicant must be able to accept constructive criticism as processes are always evolving and can be improved.
  • Fun – If we aren’t enjoying what we are doing, then why do it?
  • Attention To Detail – We want someone who prides themselves on making sure our services remain top-notch. We value Attention to Detail so much, we have a secret for you. We will only be giving interviews to applicants who answer this question in the “Additional Comments” section: “What Superpower do you bring to teams that you are on?”. Be sure to use the word “Superpower” so we know you read the full job description.  This is how we find the super rad people like YOU amongst all the people who throw their resume at every job application out there. In short, this is how we find you!
  • Honesty & Integrity – Our clients give us visibility into their financial situation, which feels very private to them. Trust between our team and our clients is paramount.
  • Flexibility and a willingness to learn new things – We are a fast-growing company with a variety of ever-evolving needs.

Who we are:

  • A small but growing team that truly wants to help good folks grow and operate their own successful businesses.
  • We work hard but we like to laugh.
  • Knowledge of cheesy 80s music along with the ability to recite quotes from The Princess Bride and Scrubs is a definite plus!
  • Not boring! If you’re stodgy and humorless, in the words of Pearl Jam… we’re “not for you.”

The Perks, Performance, and the Pay:

  • This position starts at an initial 3-month training/probationary period at $22/hr. After a successful 3-month review, the pay structure will shift to $20/hr + incentives (potentially up to $29/hr). Incentive structure includes 1% of revenue generated for the first year of the contract.
  • This position will grow to 25-35 hrs/week after the probationary period.
  • You will be expected to work primarily between 9:00 am-5:00 pm CT and must generally be available during business hours on a week-to-week basis.
  • Holiday pay
  • Attractive bonus program
  • Computer and IT services provided and managed by Specialty Bookkeepers

*Attention Fellow Business  Owners*
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