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The Three Martini Lunch Rule

Did you know that the Three Martini Lunch Rule ends on January 1, 2023? ????????????

A benefit from the The Consolidated Appropriations Act, 100% of restaurant meals have been temporarily deductible since 2021, ending in 2023 when we’ll return to having both 50% and 100% deductible meals. What’s the difference between the two for your IRS meals and entertainment deduction in 2022?

50% deductible:
• Meals for employee appreciation, e.g. company events
• Meals & snacks provided in the office for staff
• Meals as part of income for non-employees
• Food provided to the public for promotional events

100% deductible:
• Meals for meetings for employees, owners, shareholders, agents, & directors
• Meals with clients, customers, & vendors
• Meals during business travel
• Meals while attending seminars, conventions, and conferences

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